Signifies a blend of elegance inspired by beauty "Chella" and the adventurous allure of the sea "Mare". The brand captures the mystique and charm of the ocean in its enchanting jewelry designs.



At Chellamare, we are passionate about recreating ancient craftsmanship while infusing it with a modern touch. Inspired by the techniques practiced by goldsmiths from 2500 years ago, we bring you jewelry that give character, authenticity, and a rich sense of history.

About our jewels

Every piece is hand-made which can result in different colored gem stones, texture and shape to deliver an unique piece for everyone.


We pride ourselves on using unrefined gemstones in their natural state, keeping their raw beauty and uniqueness. These stones are handpicked for their individuality, ensuring that each piece of jewelry tells its own story. By steering away from treatments or cuts, we celebrate the essential allure and originality of these gems.


Every piece we create is a testament to artisanal craftsmanship. Our skilled artisans precisely handcraft each item, employing techniques reminiscent of ancient goldsmiths. This dedication infuses our jewelry with unparalleled quality, character, and a sense of artistry that modern mass production simply cannot emulate.


We offer our creations in two options: 925 Sterling Silver and 14-carat Gold Plated - 925 Sterling Silver. The gold-plated silver undergoes an electroplating process, enhancing its strength and resistance while preserving its elegant appearance. This ensures that your jewelry not only exudes beauty but also stands the test of time.


Beyond creating unique jewelry, we are committed to sustainability and ethical practices. We source our materials responsibly, prioritizing ethical mining practices and supporting local communities. By choosing Chellamare, you're not just acquiring exquisite jewelry; you're also contributing to a responsible and conscientious approach to craftsmanship.


Indulge in our collection and become a part of the narrative - a journey that celebrates heritage, authenticity, and individuality. Explore our pieces and discover jewelry that speaks volumes, carries history, and resonates with your unique style.